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What do I need for a boudoir photo shoot | why do i always suggest a man’s shirt

So, you’ve made the booking…now what.

This part is usually very uncertain for most ladies. Well, not if you booked your boudoir photo shoot with me!
I will send you a prep guides, advice, links (and discount codes) to lingerie for your boudoir experience with me.

And want to know a secret? I am really not too bothered by what you wear. The lingerie it there to make you feel sensual but I aim to capture YOU and all your goodness, not a lingerie catalogue.
In that same breath, I always advise my ladies to bring along one of hubby or your fiancee’s formal or sports shirt. If you are doing this shoot for you and you alone then still bring a leather jacket or something timeless that you will wear again out on a date.
Why? because let me tell you…once he (current or future him) has seen these boudoir pictures of you in that shirt or in the WORLD is he ever supposed to wear it again to work or a sports event and NOT have naughty thoughts? Exactly what you want, right?
So there really is no need to break the bank on extravagant lingerie…a shirt from his wardrobe…a little something lacy from yours…and white satin sheets from me…what more do you need?

After the “what to wear for a boudoir shoot’ anxiety is over, you can focus on some more details. Treating yourself to a wax, pedicure, manicure, spray tan…all of this will be discussed in the info that I send you as soon as we have made your booking.

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